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Project Description

Use the Scene Editor of Unity 3D in other non-visual environments to create 2d or 3d games.

I have written an article in my blog about this project to help you understand it here..


- Exporter of XMl with informations of the Scene Objects from the Scene Editor of Unity 3D(C# Mono);
- Importer of that XML to Microsoft XNA 4.0 reusing the same code(99,9%) from the code used to create the exporter in Unity 3D;

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial(PART 1) explains how to export a game scene from Unity and import it from the Microsoft XNA using the source code in my code plex project.

Final Words

Do you want to create a custom solution based in this project for your company? Contact me.

Feel free to say whatever you want about this project. If the people like it I intend to expand it creating new better versions.

If you're going to use it to create something, please, tell us!

Enjoy it!



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